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Mittwoch, 2. Dezember 2009

One for me and one for you

Once upon a time, I created a small tool "ringer volume control" just for myself. In between nearly 10.000 people have installed it and I get a lot of requests for new features and special wishes every day.

I cannot longer ignore this, so I'm going to create a new tool with exactly what you wanna have.

Here a list of most recent wishes:
  1. autostart (option to let RVC start on phone boot)
  2. ability to turn off the alarm-volume-control
  3. ability to include other volumes for being checked
  4. ability to set the interval-time, the tool is checking for unwanted changes
  5. bigger icon :-)
  6. animated icon in note-bar :-D
  7. other ideas (let me know!)
  8. Widget for Silent/Vibration/On-Off

    Please don't forget to rate in the polling for the changes, that you really want!

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