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Sonntag, 7. März 2010

Baby break

Hey friends - I had to make a break, because I became father! I don't know, what you could think, what this means to me - I am a papa now! No words can tell you my luck.

And I moved from Berlin in Germany to Rome in Italy and hey, my new life needed some special attention.

Ok, now I continue my work here and I will answer all your nice feedbacks, that reached me in the last weeks.

There will come a new tool as soon as I solved some small problems regarding money. But you all now, money is just an abstract idea - but sometimes it could be useful...

I'll be back soon and publish a new tool for you, if you want or not ;-)

And for the people, who are here only to look for a new version of "volume control": Just ignore this message! :-p

Sonntag, 27. Dezember 2009

New Tool is coming soon

Because of the big number of wishes for the ability to control more volumes, there will come a new tool soon.

Maybe it's time to think about, if there should controlled even more then only volumes.

Do you have some more ideas or wishes? Please let me know :)

Freitag, 11. Dezember 2009

Controlling other volumes....

Which volumes should be controlled?
  • Why should anyone want to control the media volume outside a media-application?! This makes no sense to me.
  • The same with handset volume, it can be adapted while speaking.
  • Notification-Volume is connected with Ringer volume by default. I don't see a need to change the levels separately, at all.
  • The volume-level of Alarm is the only further one, which should be controlled separately.
  • Please tell me, what you think!

Mittwoch, 2. Dezember 2009

One for me and one for you

Once upon a time, I created a small tool "ringer volume control" just for myself. In between nearly 10.000 people have installed it and I get a lot of requests for new features and special wishes every day.

I cannot longer ignore this, so I'm going to create a new tool with exactly what you wanna have.

Here a list of most recent wishes:
  1. autostart (option to let RVC start on phone boot)
  2. ability to turn off the alarm-volume-control
  3. ability to include other volumes for being checked
  4. ability to set the interval-time, the tool is checking for unwanted changes
  5. bigger icon :-)
  6. animated icon in note-bar :-D
  7. other ideas (let me know!)
  8. Widget for Silent/Vibration/On-Off

    Please don't forget to rate in the polling for the changes, that you really want!

Donnerstag, 5. November 2009

Volume Control

New version available in market
  • optimized code
  • silent mode
  • vibration toggle
  • better design

What is Volume Control?

Volume Control enables a service to control the ringer volume and the ringer modus of your phone.
In some phones the volume keys are too smooth and you cannot be sure, that it wasn't shifted when you are waiting for a call or if your phone has to be really calm.

Check out the new version and let me know, if you like it or not :)

Freitag, 4. September 2009

Volume Control

Volume Control v.0.1 is available in market!