by New Developers

Sonntag, 7. März 2010

Baby break

Hey friends - I had to make a break, because I became father! I don't know, what you could think, what this means to me - I am a papa now! No words can tell you my luck.

And I moved from Berlin in Germany to Rome in Italy and hey, my new life needed some special attention.

Ok, now I continue my work here and I will answer all your nice feedbacks, that reached me in the last weeks.

There will come a new tool as soon as I solved some small problems regarding money. But you all now, money is just an abstract idea - but sometimes it could be useful...

I'll be back soon and publish a new tool for you, if you want or not ;-)

And for the people, who are here only to look for a new version of "volume control": Just ignore this message! :-p


  1. Nice app, like it very much. My wish for the app is that i can switch it to silent in the lockscreen. Thanxs already

  2. congrats for the baby and your app is really good